July 25, 2017


First of all, let me say “HELLO” to everyone, it has been a minute. As some you you have seen, the Mixes on here have been getting added daily, so for you mixtape lovers, HAVE AT IT!!!!

Let me catch everyone up to date!!! Last month, I got some great news on becoming the new member at MiVidz. Get familiar with them, this is the new video show and we do have fun on there. The two gentlemen in the photo with me is, Wes C.E.O. & Rasheed, they are a few of the team I took photos with. But let me give a HUGE SHOUT Out to Xavier for introducing me to everyone, which his signature of approval, help solidate my position at MiVidz, I’m beyond humble!! My roll will be the Video DJ, mixing all the hits like I do on my mixes, and an editor. Feel free to check them out, click on the MiVidz logo below to see what we are all about.

INDIE ARTIST WITH VIDEOS THAT ARE CLEAN VERSIONS!!! I’d advise you guys, NO MATTER THE GENRE OF MUSIC, to submit your videos in to see if you can get your video featured on the show, we don’t pick who will be on there, that is strictly determined by our fans voting!! So send your best videos by hitting the red SUBMIT VIDEO in the top Right hand corner of MiVidz home page.

Other than that, enjoy yourself, check out the new mixes uploaded in the SHOP tab, and see where I will be DJing at next!



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